About David Greene, MD, MBA & R3 Stem Cell

Dr. David Greene, Founder and CEO of R3 Stem Cell, is a residency and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who has shifted his focus to business. He started a healthcare internet marketing company, US Lead Network, that helps medical and dental practices acquire patients on the web in a pay for performance manner. The company is now using AI for marketing, which is lowering cost per lead substantially.

He has written two books on Healthcare Internet Marketing that are available for purchase on Amazon. He has been featured as a Top 20 Expert Author by Ezines.com, the top article directory site in the world. Out of over 470,000 authors, Dr. Greene ranks #15 as an Expert Author and #1 in the Pain Management category.

Since being founded in 2011, R3 Stem Cell has grown substantially. Currently, R3 has 40 USA affiliate Centers of Excellence that perform over 200 procedures monthly. Internationally, R3 now has several clinics in both Mexico and Pakistan. Over 70 different conditions are treated at the International Centers of Excellence, where providers use customized protocols for patients.

Patients receive anywhere from 10 million stem cells up to a billion along with exosomes. The treatments are successful in over 85% of patients and have been very safe with no significant adverse events over the past decade!

Why Dr. David Greene’s R3 Stem Cell Centers are the Best Regenerative Therapies Provider in the World

Most stem cell clinics in the USA have maybe one or two locations, and offer procedures with biologics they know very little about. They will charge about $5000 for a joint injection and $8000 for two joints, with no assurances of additional assistance if the results are suboptimal.

Often times, the biologics used are “dead”, meaning they have no viable cells. What this means is that the clinic is offering a “stem cell” therapy with no stem cells!

While founding R3 Stem Cell –  Dr. David Greene decided that these issues would not exist at his Centers. He decided to start the company with the following mission:

  1. To offer cost effective regenerative therapies.
  2. Use the highest quality regenerative biologics in existence with unparalleled quality assurance standards.
  3. To provide accurate patient and provider education.

Most traditional medical treatments around the world are “band aids.” A classic example of this is when steroid injections are used for arthritis. They may provide relief for a couple weeks, but that’s it. Stem cell and exosome therapies approach tissue damage from arthritis, organ failure, autoimmune disease, neurologic issues, autism, CP and more from a completely opposite approach.  

Another problem with the vast majority of stem cell clinics in the USA is that they have very little knowledge of how stem cells actually work in one’s body. They think the administered stem cells actually turn into specialty cells in a patients body. Most providers offering regenerative therapies simply do not take the time to understand what they are putting into patients and how to best perform the procedures. This is unfortunate, especially, when providers are asking patients to pay a considerable amount.

R3 Stem Cell provides doctors with the most important asset available with new technology – KNOWLEDGE. Our in-person and online training instills providers with accurate information to lean on when it comes to offering regenerative therapies.

Here is what actually happens when stem cells are administered, according to Dr. Greene:

“When stem cells are administered during a procedure, the result is a cascade of cell to cell interactions in one’s body. The cells facilitate repair and regeneration nicely, but we don’t have any evidence that the administered stem cells actually engraft and become part of the recipient’s DNA,” according to Dr. Greene.

This is done through tissue regeneration and repair to actually work on the root of the problem. So, the procedures work tremendously well at this from several different mechanisms:

  • Cell-to-cell interactions
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Modulating the immune system
  • Promoting new blood flow
  • Reducing cell death

While stem cell therapy is not a cure for any of the conditions treated, the technology is very safe and improves patient lives by actually repairing damage and restoring missing cells. Results often are long-lasting!

One critical treatment factor that clinics often ignore is how many stem cells are administered. Many research studies over the past decade have shown how important it is to administer enough mesenchymal stem cells to provide optimal effectiveness. Dr. David Greene frequently writes and lectures on this topic.

“When you see a study regarding mesenchymal stem cells for a specific condition and the results are suboptimal, my first question is always, How many cells were used? All too often, the researchers offer a suboptimal dose and then assume the treatment doesn’t work! Most of the time, serious conditions require 1-2 million stem cells per kilogram. That’s a lot, and globally we see Centers offering too little cells for too much money.”

With a goal of offering quality stem cell and exosome therapies at the most cost effective price point in the world, Dr. David Greene used R3 Stem Cell’s buying power to make it happen. As an example, in Pakistan or Mexico patients can receive 50 million stem cells for $4000 USD. That is 75% less than either the United States or Panama, and makes effective stem cell therapy available to so many people who otherwise could not afford it.

Under the guidance of Dr. David Greene R3 Stem Cell has risen to become the go to clinics for patients desiring clinical grade mesenchymal stem cell therapies with trusted providers. Considering that most patients will require repeat therapies over time, it’s a shame that competitor clinics charge patients so much for a treatment.

According to Dr. Greene at R3 Stem Cell, “In order to achieve international excellence as a regenerative clinic, we need to provide effective therapies with quality biologics that patients can actually afford. Not only afford, but be in a position to receive therapies on an annual or biannual basis if it’s a serious condition. And that’s what we’ve achieved.”